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Get familiar with technologies that really matter. Our company offers you excellent learning opportunities and challenges, nowhere else to be found and experienced!

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Doing your PFE internship at Rosafi, gets you unique insights in the latest technologies and streamlined research and development environments, where your input really matters. A great start for your professional career, insn’t it?

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We give you the boost to perform and learn all about the Cloud from our team of Cloud Experts, but training alone, is not enough. You want challenges and the right tools to build great things.

2019/2020 PFE-Internship Subjects

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Dear future engineer,

We at Rosafi Holding love the projects we work on and strive to work on the latest available technologies to deliver stable and cutting edge Cloud technologies to our partners around the globe. To keep on doing this, we are looking for you, a future engineer who enjoys learning new things on a daily basis, and willing to invest time and effort to understand our demanding needs and future plans, to build together with our team products that really matter in the Cloud. We have high expectations, and are willing to do everything we can to turn your creative internship into a great job opportunity, with excellent future perspective, but we settle for no less than deliverables and results that work. We expect you to have a proactive mentality, and eagerness to learn new things all the time. A big dose of motivation, dedication and focus is needed for your success. If you believe you are the right person, do check out one of our amazing internship subjects, do meet us and talk about your subjects, because we will only accept your subject if you show us that you are the right person.

Good luck!


You will be getting more familiar with network routing and security capabilities within the Linux OS. Setting up NAT, Firewall, VXLAN and GRE tunnels inside and among Virtual Routers should become easy.

Your next step is to build a Web API to manage Virtual Routers easily. During this step, you will master all the necessary skills to develop a clean and stable Python Backend that automates the creation and management of all the Virtual Router capabilities.

Depending on your interest and the faculty’s requirements, you will build a simple User Interface on your own or work closely with our Frontend Team to integrate your Backend with a User Interface developed with the latest technologies.

  • Familiar with Linux;
  • Python development skills;
  • Good understanding of networking fundamentals (TCP/IP);
  • Good understanding of routing protocols.
Additional Qualities:
  • CCNA certification(s).


Start to learn how security forensics happens, by researching different open source tools to monitor network security and services.

You will perform research on how this data can be stored and visualized, to ensure that Network Administrators get a crystal clear insight in the security of their network, and any publicly available data or weaknesses.

You will develop a Web API that runs different scans, monitors networks, and stores all relevant information. Writing Python code for a Backend service will become a usual habit, and this will ensure that your clean code can cope with a lot of data.

Depending on your interest and the faculty’s requirements, you will build a simple User Interface on your own or work closely with our Frontend Team to integrate your Backend with a User Interface developed with the latest technologies.

  • Familiar with Linux;
  • Good Python development skills;
  • Good understanding of networks security;
  • Familiar with database manipulation (E.g: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc).
Additional Qualities:
  • Familiar with existing network security monitoring tools.


Our own internal open source toolkit is used to manage bare metal and virtual servers. The project is based on Ansible, giving you the opportunity to explore Ansible in great detail.

Find out why Ansible is a must for any server administrator or DevOp, dealing with any kind of servers. You will understand the basics of managing a group of servers, executing playbook tasks and monitoring services running inside those servers.

Your next step is to get your hands dirty with the existing Python Backend code, to extend its capabilities of automatically retrieving server information from other cloud providers such as AWS and Microsoft Azure and extending the functionality of the toolkit, growing its potential further in terms of growth and usage.

Since the toolkit includes a User Interface, you will integrate your new clean code into the project, so that the User Interface can have its update of new features by you or in cooperation with the Frontend Team.

  • Familiar with Linux;
  • Knowledge of the DevOps lifecycle;
  • Python development skills;
  • Previous project experience in Cloud environments.
Additional Qualities:
  • Familiar with configuration management tools like Ansible, Saltstack, Chef, etc;
  • Familiar with AWS and Microsoft Azure.


Cloud infrastructure is shifting quicker to containerized environments. Kubernetes is the most popular Docker replacement due to its excellent security and networking features.

With Kubernetes Always ON, we are looking to improve our container orchestration, by adding a new serverless framework to it and converting our private Cloud deployments into a true hybrid Cloud platform.

Serverless is the future of Cloud infrastructure and Cloud portability. We are looking to build an intelligent interface that helps our clients run their containerized environments into their private Cloud, without managing or planning infrastructure capacity or deployment requirements.

You will start with becoming familiar with the three major public Cloud providers. We expect you to be able to quickly experiment and discover how their API can be integrated into a well organized backend to deploy containerized applications and balance them across private and public Clouds, using the awesome KUBELESS serverless container engine.

This will help our clients with streamlining and merging their public and private Cloud environment, while you are learning great new technologies and tools to deliver always ON serverless infrastructure!

This project constitutes research, backend development and an optional frontend development subtask, depending on your interest and the faculty’s requirements.

  • Good understanding of Linux.
  • Basic DevOps and Python development skills.
  • Past project experience in Cloud and virtualization.
  • Quick learner and a strong problem solving skills.
  • Gain excellent DevOps and development skills.
  • Become familiar with major public Cloud providers.
  • Become a true Linux expert in virtualization and containers.
  • Become a member in a technology driven team of DevOps and development working on our Cloud platform.


What are the benefits of doing my PFE-internship at Rosafi Holding?

Rosafi Holding is specialized in Cloud computing which makes it the perfect company for you to start your career in one of the most innovating fields of software development. During your PFE you will challenge yourself, learn a lot of new things in the field of Cloud computing and enjoy the flexible working environment at Rosafi.
Within Rosafi Holding you get the opportunity to:

  • Get to experience what Cloud computing and virtualization means
  • Learn the latest (virtualization) technologies and programming languages
  • Contribute to developing the most innovative solutions
  • Work with the latest open source technologies
  • Attend training courses within Rosafi that will contribute to your working experience
  • Be creative since that is something we highly encourage!
We are actively seeking interesting PFE candidates for a future job within our Cloud team. Your supervisor evaluates your progress during the PFE-internship at Rosafi. Our goal is for you to finish your PFE subject as soon as possible so that you can move on to join our team of Cloud developers.

Who will supervise me during my PFE?

During your PFE you have your own supervisor who is a Cloud developer, knows the subject and is there to assist you along your internship

Is there any chance to be recruited after finishing my PFE project?

Absolutely yes! This is the reason why we are recruiting PFE candidates….to prepare you for a future job within our Cloud development team. During your PFE we will supervise your progress and work. The sooner you finish your PFE-project (successfully) the better. In that case you will have the opportunity to work with the team and to prove your talent and skills. What this all starts with is a passion for software development and the subject you will choose.

what I expect at the end of my PFE-internship?

We consider your PFE the best chance to prepare you for a job. Therefore, the earlier you finish your PFE-subject, the more time is left in the last month(s) of your internship to move on to our Cloud team and get deeper involved in Cloud. In the last period of your PFE we evaluate your total progress and work, and on top of that whether we can offer you a permanent job in our Cloud team. In case the permanent job evaluation is positive we make you a job offer in the last month of your PFE.

Is the PFE-internship at Rosafi Holding paid?

Yes, each candidate receives a monthly compensation that covers broadly his/her transport costs.

Do you offer a lunch or should I bring in my own lunch to the office

We have a cook in the office to prepare free daily lunch for everyone!

How many hours am I expected to work as an intern?

Full-time: Monday to Friday, from 09h00 to 18h00. Although extra input depending on the progress of your PFE ­ or to finish it as soon as possible to move to the Cloud team - is always a big plus!

How soon will I be notified if I ´m selected?

We will respond to all applications. PFE interviews start from 16 Novembre 2017.

When am I expected to sign the PFE-internship contract (convention)?

After selection, we will ask you to sign the contract before Decembre 29th 2017. If you are uncertain whether you can sign before this date, please inform us about this in your application or during your interview, so we can take this into account!

Which papers are needed to hand-in once I am accepted?

You leave us a copy of your identity card, the PFE-internship contract (convention) and we will possibly ask you to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

What is the duration of the PFE-intership?

We expect you to have a total internship duration of at least five months. The PFE-internship starts no later than March 1st 2018 and takes till July 31st 2018.

How many days off do I have?

We understand that you as a PFE-intern might have some obligations at your faculty and your supervising professor. At the same time, they also understand that the PFE-internship is to prepare you for your actual job life. You have 15 days off for your outside office obligations. Having less days off means finishing your PFE-internship before time, which is only better for you as a future engineer!

Are there any specific technologies/program languages that you use the most?

We work on different Linux distributions and Python is the programming language we use in all our fields of development. Apart from that it differs per PFE subject ­ and progress ­ with which other technologies you will work.

What are Rosafi Holding´s main projects?

Developing Cloud solutions is our main business activity. Apart from that we are also involved in general software development and mobile apps.

Should I expect technical tests before and after joining your team?

Applying for a PFE at Rosafi does include a (small) technical test during the recruitment procedure. First we invite the selected candidates for a job interview and after that it is followed up by a technical test at our office. There is no technical test after the PFE. As mentioned before we consider your PFE-internship the best way to try and prepare you for a permanent job at Rosafi Holding. Based upon your PFE-internship we will evaluate your progress and work to see if and for which position you will be permanently recruited at Rosafi Holding.


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